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Last week I had the incredible opportunity to attend the 2nd annual WIE Symposium, Women Inspiration Enterprise. This two day conference hosted by Arianna Huffington, Donna Karen and Sarah Brown was held in the heart of Soho NYC. Both days were full of awakening and motivational talks, as well as informative and problem solving workshops and info sessions that left you with a ‘can do’ attitude. Every panel consisted of amazing women (and a few men) all dedicated to raising the value of the girl. These women have done it, will continue to do it, and want every girl and woman in the world to know that they can do it too.

No matter what the field, there was something and someone for everyone. Education, fashion, entrepreneurship, media, the arts, philanthropy, motherhood, were all topics that I left knowing more about than when I arrived. The intimate setting gave one the opportunity to get in the faces of women who we otherwise would not have access to. Women we see on TV, in fashion magazines, women we read about in Forbes, or who come up in political debates, and women who took a chance and are still finding their way. They shared their lives, what they cared about, how they got where they are, and how we can be just like them or even greater. Being among such powerful, beautiful, and intelligent women left me with a new sense of strength and capability. The makeup, gourmet food, and massages definitely helped too!

June Sarpong and Dee Poku, the two founders of the WIE symposium and the WIE network are two women who have inspired me immensely. Thank You!  For more about WIE, visit

In the spirit of our generation of women who are becoming more and more independent, inventive, proactive and productive, I want to share some words and thoughts that stuck with me and that I hope will do you some good in your journey.

1. You are a brand
Never doubt yourself. You are an individual, nothing and no one can add up to you. Be confident in this fact, and in yourself.

2. What is the best version of yourself?
Find this woman and nurture her. It takes us all time to get to know ourselves, but once you know that person take time to make them happy, healthy and fulfilled.

3. No Doesn’t matter
Many of us are just starting our lives and building our foundations. Whatever your home is made of, where ever it may be, don’t ever let anyone make you think you cannot have one.

4. Crazy = Innovative
Think higher, bigger, wider, deeper.  Be bolder than you are comfortable with.

5. Ask Everyone
“A well known socialite once explained that her trick for the kind of networking that had made her into a household name was simply to go up to people and ask them their name.”

“All the water in the world cannot drown you unless it is inside you”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

*Image, Ayad Alkadhi, Hand of Fatima II, 2009

Save a Penny Spend a Penny

Being Broke is never a good look and with my lifestyle,  I definitely need to take preventative measures.  Here are just a couple of the sites I have  recently discovered that help keep this fashion lover/product junkie/culture vulture/restaurant connoisseur/ with some money in bank!

Living Social – Deals on spa, Restaurants, actives , even vacation deals.

Groupon–  Deals on spa, Restaurants, actives , even vacation deals.

Restaurant  – saving on some of the best restaurants in town

Prive – Deals on Designer  clothes

* Side bar : Im really feeling  the jewelry in the  Elle Indonesia  editorial spread ( pictured above)  …yup save a penny spend a penny is the only way to gets it.


With winter headed our way ashy skin is not the only thing we have to worry about. Having a skin regime that keeps you looking “fresh “should be a primary concern. Being mindful of this recession, any self maintenance that does not require breaking the bank gets a star on my list and Body Brushing is IT.
Dry Body Brushing is an age old skin care technique that has been around for centuries . Skin brushing opens pores, stimulates sweat glands and increases blood circulation. Also it encourages the body to release waste material, while also getting rid of dead skin cells and dirt. It is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to detox at home. You can do it every day or just a few times a week and reap the benefits! The dead skin comes off revealing newer, younger looking skin. For best results, follow with a hot shower to open the pores allowing the toxins to come out and dead skin to be washed away.
Benefits: I have experienced
• Removes dead skin layer
• Tightens skin
• Helps in digestion
• Stimulates circulation
• Removes cellulite
• Increases cell renewal
• Cleans lymphatic system
• Improves exchange between cells
• Tones muscles

* Tips
1. You must use a natural bristle or natural hair brush when doing body brushing. Synthetic bristles are too abrasive on the skin .
2. Do not brush your nipples, chest, or face.
3. Always brush skin when it is dry
4. Moisturize skin after bathing
5. Start on the right side of your body and brush toward your heart ( preferably 3 strokes at a time) .

*You Will Need

A natural bristle dry skin brush with a long handle


So here it is, after all the procrastination , set backs , and distractions Black Box is in full effect. With a focus on Art, Fashion,Beauty and Hair we are sure to have something that piques  your interest. So bookmark  and ENJOY! 🙂


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