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These are some of the designers who will be showing their AW ’12 lines this February at London Fashion Week. Here are some of their strong ready to wear looks that refine and offer unique variations of the current trends.

                                                                  Jaeger London

                                                                  Mark Fast


Osman                   Mulberry                    Sass & Bide             Roksanda  Ilincic


I love menswear inspired looks, and though not every single one of these designer’s work is available internationally, I find the looks inspiring for the day to day wardrob and future winter shopping excursions.

Oh and these newcomers who can be found sometimes at Opening Ceremony are both kinda dope and I’ hope to come into them somehow.


                                                              Nasir Mazhar


As the Fashion Industry continues to discuss the uber obvious lack of color on the runway. Ford aims to bridge the gap between the runways and reality with a diversity promo. Although I am always excited to see my Sistas get some spotlight, I remain hesitant about change coming anytime soon. Anyway tho Click and Enjoy!


Credits include: Photography, Michael Schwartz; Art directing, Maia Holmes for Ford+; Models, Marquita Pring, Damaris Lewis, Bre Joyner, Vanessa Fonseca, Tonya Pittman, Jessi M’Bengue, Amber Tolliver, India Lane, Sabina Karlsson, Elora Perez; Styling, Christina Sulpizio; Hair, Lacy Redway at See Management using TRESemmé; Makeup, Carolina Dali-Tesch at See Management for Chanel; Photography assistance, Tim O’Malley; Hair assistance, Sonia Castleberry; Makeup assistance, Kellyann Lundon; Digital tech, Jamie Onderdonk; Studio, Sandbox; Video, Damien Neva; Music, Madlib from Medicine Show No. 9: Black Soul.




The trends this season continue to lean heavily on 70’s inspired looks: flared jeans, platform boots, sick leathers, and all kinds of fur/faux fur pieces.  One accessory that really pulls all of these looks together is the Wide Brim Fedora.  I usually hate fedoras, but an over-sized  wide brim, floppy felt wool hat is a truly versatile piece that adds drama and dresses up your grunge or rock look and easily brings glamour to your outfit.

And like any trending period of the moment, the mass producers of the world  are hocking their own mediocre interpretations.  I would definitely be selective in the hat I purchase because this is more than a trend, it’s a wardrobe stable you can turn to year after year.

Pair this with:

– Leather jackets

– Short Furs

– Belted Trench Coats

– Platforms and Wide Leg or Flared Jeans

Although I am rarely on twitter (trying to change that) I do have an account.  I recently logged in to see a tweet from my model Fav Jourdan Dunn expressing her distain for the level of expertise, regarding black skin and hair during Paris fashion week.  I could not have said it better myself, however  my  distain remains  directed at every salon in Brooklyn and hair braider in Harlem, who I has left me shaking, steaming or patching up my head!  What do you think is the current state of Black Hair Care ?

It happens to the best of us. Your strutting  down the street looking cute and  then…….Your  skirt starts riding up (smh).  As a long legged chica  I have had my fair share of wardrobe issues, however after suffering an almost “Brittney” moment  in the middle of the street ENOUGH IS ENOUGH no matter how nice your outfit is, having to stop constantly to fix your skirt is never a good look.  So here are some quick tips to stop your forever shifting skirt dead in its tracks.



1. Wear a Slip Underneath –  (why did we stop?) The friction between your legs and  the material can cause your skirt to shift. Wearing a slip provides a smooth layer between the two and eases the friction.

2. Use Static Control Spray – found in the laundry aisle of drug stores Static Control Sprays helps controls the friction and keeps materials in place.

3. Add a Slit – adding a slit gives extra leg room so your skirt will not shift as dramatically everytime you take a stride. (Don’t  go overboard or you will look extra 90s)

4. Take Smaller strides – if all else fails just take smaller strides.  The bigger your stride, the more friction between your skirt and materials thereby causing your skirt to shift.

A couple of weeks ago, the left side of my dresser looked like a veritable salon counter top. And really, even after what always seemed like hours with my huge ceramic curling iron, I never really got the look I wanted. Or even if I got some respectable waves, they fell midway into the day anyway. I would do one perfect side and one lopsided. After being introduced to the soft twist curler by a friend, I’ve been completely converted and hooked! I haven’t even looked at my curling iron since.

no more burnt hair more burnt hair smells.

Soft twist curlers are easy, quick, fun, and easy to sleep in if you do it right. But the shining highlight of using soft flexible curlers to get your bodilicious hair, be it a curly wavy natural afro or big body remy waves, is the fact that you keep your look all day. Period.  Hair goodies: you can alternate the days you use your rollers and still keep your curly look and you really take away a huge damage factor to your hair routine.

                                                          this doesn’t have to be you

Soft Twist Curlers:

–         Getting the right look the first time and every time.

–         They come in all different sizes so you can experiment with body and volume.

–         Can be applied to dry hair effectively.

–         Keep your look all day and beyond.

–         Perfect for natural hair, relaxed hair, weaved hair

–         No more prolonged heat damage to your hair.

–         You don’t have to walk around smelling like a toaster!

–         Find them easily at your local beauty supply.

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