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Lots of exciting stuff has been happening lately that I wanted to share.  We are excited to be working with German photographer Amos Fricke during his stay in NYC.  Amazing POV this guy has!  Here are some mood boards he put together for our upcoming shoot in Central Park.

Can’t wait!


We did our latest editorial shoot this past weekend at the incredible Gershwin Hotel.  We had the opportunity to work with the talented Landa Penders and makeup artist Kristy Strate.  This shoot was full of color and energy and we are dying to see the outcome!  Check out this cool backstage video Landa put together for us.

Black Box Vintage – Behind the Scenes from Landa Penders on Vimeo.


Last month we collaborated with the contemporary women’s label Evie and Victor for their Real Girl photo series.  We shot in Bushwick, Brooklyn with fashion photographer Ryan Christopher VanWilliams and model Jasmina.  We’re very pleased with the outcome.  We love collaborations!

Although I’ve been natural for over 5 years, I still had not found a shampoo that did not completely strip my hair (yes this includes sulfate free ones ).  After much trial and error I finally found a simple concoction that leaves my hair completely clean without that dry stripped feeing 🙂

*Neem – Is an antibacterial herb, that corrects scalp issues, as well as promotes healthy hair growth.

What You will Need

1 Cup instant Conditioner ( I use Hello Hydration by Herbal Essence )

2 Tablespoons of Neem Powder (Found at your local Indian Grocer

2 Tablespoons of Sulfate Free Shampoo ( I use Kinky Curly )


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