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So, I have some big eyes, that I love, I got them from my daddy.  Usually I’ll just do a little black liner on my top lids and mascara, (cannot live without my mascara) but at a recent photo shoot, I was looked at like this, ?????, after saying that I don’t really wear anything else on my eyes during a chat about makeup.  Of course by Fabby, who was pretty oblivious to this even though she sees me all the time.  So I had a ‘hmmm’ moment, it was a pretty quick moment though.  It’s not that I wouldn’t like to play my eyes up more, it’s just that I’m not a huge fan of colorful/dramatic eyes unless they’re done right, and well… I don’t really know how to do them right, but then again I’ve never really tried…

Anyway with all that being said look at what my ShuShu bought me for X-mas!!

I love all the eye makeup looks in this book and I’ll definitely be rocking them for 2012 and beyond.  There are some reallyyy pretty looks that would look amazing with the perfect new years ensemble.


To achieve the Diva look, use rose gold and copper pigment and antique gold shadow, then creamy black liner.  Finish with extra bold false lashes and a well-defined brow.


To go metallic, use metallic silver pigment, diamond dust, eggshell-white pencil and fine falsies.


My fav!  For this look you’ll need eyelash glue and glitter.  Apply the glue using a brush that you’ll be ok throwing out when you’re done.  When the glue is tacky apply the glitter, but you should do one lid at a time.  To clean up the edges or lines use masking tape.

                                                      ELECTRIC BLUE

Careful with your blues, it can look cheap pretty easily.  Rae suggests using a little black or a darker version of the color you want to use, to achieve depth and intensity.  For this version try an iridescent blue and midnight blue shadow and a midnight blue pencil or cream liner.  Mascara to finish of course.


I’ve always loved the smokey eye, can’t wait to experiment with this look.  To get smokey use a smokey chocolate-brown shadow under the eye.  Use heavy kohl pencil to line your eyes and blend.  Use a mix of khaki and black shadow all over the lid and finish with bold lashes.

Always prep your eyelids!  I never knew this first step was so important.  Cleanse the skin and do not apply any moisturizer to your lids.  Use foundation to even your skin tone and then a light brush of translucent powder.  Your eye makeup will last all night!

OK, so I peeped this video over on the HellBellz blog  (one of my fav blogs) and I had to share it because it’s HILARIOUS to me!  We’ve all been there girls, I know I have.  Although I’ve grown out of this bad habit, (CUZ I’M A LAADAY!) it probably will never stop being funny.  Seriously though ladies, don’t get caught in the streets this year, it’s cold outside…

Harvey Nichols Holiday 2011

The ladies of contemporary women’s wear brand William Okpo continue to awe us with their fresh and versatile designs.  It’s very likely that you’ve peeped them on/in Opening Ceremony (they were among the first to bring the long box braids back!), their latest collection has also gotten them and their line attention from numerous online media outlets.  I admire so much that they chose to name their line after their father, who actually wanted the sisters Lizzy and Darlene to be doctors.  I love how their Nigerian and urban heritage come together and shine through throughout the enitre line.

The William Okpo Spring ’12 collection includes lots of light fabrics in maxi lengths, cropped tops, slim pants, playsuits, much of which can be mixed and matched to create sexy, easy, chic looks and unique silhouettes.  I’ve already been creating outfits in my head!

P.S. I love how everything about this lookbook was executed.  *Images, William Okpo.

Check out this cool footage of the girls courtesy of Arcade44 and Stylelikeu.

Lizzy & Darlene Okpo for from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

Is this suppose to be cute ?

Is this the way we plan to represent ourselves in 2012 ?

Is the Toddler her sister or her daughter ?

I don’t know the answer to any of these questions however I remain disgusted and confused. Coming across this ad has reminded me just how misrepresented woman of color remain in  this country.

So as of now S.I.S  is officially dismissed.

BBVC (we don’t  play that ).

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