Warm Weather Wishlist: William Okpo Spring ’12

The ladies of contemporary women’s wear brand William Okpo continue to awe us with their fresh and versatile designs.  It’s very likely that you’ve peeped them on/in Opening Ceremony (they were among the first to bring the long box braids back!), their latest collection has also gotten them and their line attention from numerous online media outlets.  I admire so much that they chose to name their line after their father, who actually wanted the sisters Lizzy and Darlene to be doctors.  I love how their Nigerian and urban heritage come together and shine through throughout the enitre line.

The William Okpo Spring ’12 collection includes lots of light fabrics in maxi lengths, cropped tops, slim pants, playsuits, much of which can be mixed and matched to create sexy, easy, chic looks and unique silhouettes.  I’ve already been creating outfits in my head!

P.S. I love how everything about this lookbook was executed.  *Images, William Okpo.

Check out this cool footage of the girls courtesy of Arcade44 and Stylelikeu.

Lizzy & Darlene Okpo for Stylelikeu.com from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

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  1. raniyaredd said:

    love them

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