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Hydrating Essentials

Transitioning from spring to summer has always been my time to review my arsenal and decided what stays and what goes and although there were many causalities this go round, rose water has remained an essential component in my beauty regime.

What is Rose Water – Rose water is the leftover liquid when rose petals and water are distilled together.

Why I love it:

1. It has exceptional stimulating properties and therefore, it can be used as a home remedy for stimulating hair growth.

2. It has natural moisturizing and nourishing properties that helps maintain the PH balance of Hair and Skin.

3. It imparts a delicate and lingering fragrance, thus leaving you feeling rejuvenated  and refreshed .

4. It’s cheap, it works, and its multifaceted (all equally important).

How do I use it:

1. I use it as a hydrating mist to set my makeup.(gives you a dewy look love it!!)

2. I spray it on my hair to refresh my hairstyle or use it as a base in my homemade leave in conditioner (I may share that recipe later ;).

3. I use it as a perfume.  It leaves me smelling natural and very feminine

4. I also use it as a rinse after using protein based deep conditioner (gives my hair a moisture boost – you know protein based conditioners are drying)


With spring well underway and summer less than a breath away, I had to ditch my regular primer for Milk of Magnesia (yea I said it) Milk of Magnesia.  Oily skin + summer usually means double trouble for me, however I found a cheap and quick solution that works.

Why It Works 

Milk Magnesia is a popular over the counter laxative.  The active ingredients, Magnesium Hydroxide and Sodium hypochlorite draw water into the intestines to encourage bowel movement.  The properties in Milk Maganesia make it effective in combating excess oils and tightening the skin.

* I use this as a primer before applying makeup and may mist my face with rosewater if my skin feels a little tight.  Overall I find this remedy to be effective and cost efficient and suggest it to those with oily skin.


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