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With summer in high gear it’s time take the necessary measures to maintain a fresh face. As a makeup lover and enthusiast I cringed at the idea of having to change my ever-faithful regimen. However after witnessing my makeup melt during my morning commute I knew something had to give. After much trials and tribulations here are the 5 tips that have worked wonders for me.

  1. Use a Oil free Mattifying Moisturizer with SPF – the oil absorbing properties of the Mattifier make this product ever so essential in the blazing summer heat (especially recommended for those with oily skin). * I love the seaweed Matifying Moisturizer from The Body Shop.
  2. Translucent Powder helps control shine and help sets makeup making it a definite summer staple.
  3. Misting your face (I use Rose Water) also helps to set your makeup and keep it in place.
  4. Waterproof makeup specifically eyeliner and mascara helps prevent smudging.
  5. Don’t forget your primer! Primer helps to create barrier between your skin and you makeup thereby helping your makeup to stay put. Currently my go to brands at the moment are L’Oreal and Revlon (yes I am a Drug Store Diva)

* Consider using oil-blotting sheets as they help absorb excess moisture without smudging your makeup. I use some from elf cosmetics they cost just a buck and work wonders.

** Bonus Tip Less is more consider making your own tinted moisturizer similar to the one pictured below for coverage that is effective and light. (Maybe I should have changed the title to 7 tips lol)


Photo Credit : Courtesy of The Mop Top Maven

If you have any tips feel free to comment below I would appreciate it!

If you’re like me, you LOVE shoes, obsess over them, and treat them like your children.  How can we not???  So I want to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned on how to keep your shoes looking new and ready to hit the streets!

First let’s talk about patent leather.  My patent leather shoes often get scuff marks and dents in them that seem like they are impossible to get rid of.  If your patent leather gets scuffed up, take a q-tip or cotton swab and use some mild nail polish remover to remove the mark by rubbing gently.  It should be gone in seconds, but don’t rub too hard or too long you don’t want to ruin the finish.  If you’re nervous about applying chemicals, try using some mineral oil to rub out the spot.  You can also use oil or petroleum jelly all over your patent leather to restore or give the shine a boost.

For scratch marks use clear nail polish to cover up the spot.  On deeper scratches try to find a crayon that matches the color of your shoe, fill in the spot with some pigment and seal it up with a layer of clear nail polish.

If you get a dent in your leather or patent leather shoes try heating up the spot with a blow dryer and rubbing on the surface of the shoe.  Hold the dryer a few inches away and apply heat for 1-2 minutes, then rub for 1 minute, the spot should begin to fade, repeat as necessary.  If the dent is in a area you can rub from the inside do it!  Applying heat can also help to stretch out shoes that need to be broken in.  Just heat up the tight area and walk around the house with them on.

Now, if you’ve scratched your leather shoes up, I feel for you…..  Here’s a trick that may work.  This will require some mineral oil or plant oil (olive, canola, coconut etc), leather loves this stuff.  Take a soft clean soft cloth and gently rub the oil into the leather in the same direction of the scratch, so the scratched leather will begin to lay down.  Then some shoe polish can be used to cover up any leftover marks.

Stained your blue suede shoes, Oh no!  Ok, suede is actually tricky depending on how much damage has been done.  The best way to take care of suede is to take by making sure you’ve applied waterproof or protective spray.  Now for a mild surface stain I would suggest using a gum eraser to rub out the marks, the white artist erasers work best.  This is also helpful with oil stains, or your can try baby powder.  It is best to do this as soon as possible after your shoes have been hit.  Cover the area with powder and let it sit in to absorb as much of the oil as possible, put a dry cloth or paper towel over it and press the powder into the stained area, then buff with your suede brush.

Hope these quick tips will help!!!  Remember the best way to take care of all your shoes is to take PREcaution!  Keep your leather shoes protected by using leather conditioner and water proofing.  Clean your shoes after each wear, and store them properly.  Make sure to change the tips on your heels when necessary.  I’ll share how to do that at home in an upcoming post.

When I’m wearing a beloved pair of heels you’ll always find a pair of flats in my humongous purse!  I always change when I get to my destination, this makes my feet happy :D, and also reduces the wear and tear on my pretty shoes.  These NYC streets are harsh!


Mickalene Thomas’ art explores the intricate beauty of the woman.  The women in her portraits are dazzling, confident, and fabulous.  You stare at them and can see the reflection of an individual spirit in the shine, sparkle and color of the canvas.  Her large scale, mural size works made with rhinestones, acrylic, and enamel were awing the first time I laid eyes on them in Chelsea a few years ago.  I love the detail in the work and the way that several mediums correspond to give us one gorgeous image.

Some of these women appear stern and solemn others sultry and seductive, yet they all have an inner strength that Mickalene captures only the way she can.


 She uses photography, landscape, and still life to bring together the final image.  Sometimes the mediums are showcased in multiple forms, which would include these lovely studies for mixed media pieces.  

“Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe: Les Trois Femmes Noires”

If you’ve ever walked by the MoMa you’ve probably seen her piece, “Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe: Les Trois Femmes Noires” in the window of The Modern Restaurant on 53rd street, which is also another  way for you to get a free glimpse of Mickalene’s work, since the photos don’t really do them justice.  Keep up with her upcoming shows and learn more here.

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