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Being a woman of color, I have learned to withstand the lack of, or misrepresentation of women like myself in the media. Since I was a little girl, I would constantly search for images to substantiate the idea that black was indeed beautiful. I remember how my heart would race and how proud I would feel when I would come across an editorial featuring Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks. Head held high with a renowned sense of self, I knew that if they were seen as beautiful, than maybe one day I would be too.

Today “Jason Eric Hardwick “ has reignited that feeling.

Afro Look " Jason Eric Hardwick Jason Eric Hardwick

“I wonder why photographic images of Afro’s are yet to be updated? I often think about about why there are limited stereotypical molds when photographing black women? There is either the exotic video vixen, the African soul sistah, a 70′s afro queen or what I have heard people call a white girl dipped in chocolate. Have people stopped to look and consider that things have changed? Hairstyles have changed and identities have evolved.” – Yomi Abiola,  contributing editor for

Photo series

Afro Look

Afro Look
Jason Eric Hardwick

Jason Eric Hardwick

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Photographer: Jason Eric Hardwick

Stylist: Darlene & Lizzy Okpo

Hair: Taichi Saito

Makeup: Kanako Takase

Manicure: Amber Edwards

Jason Eric Hardwick

After being bombarded with countless commercials for the new Optimum Salon Hair Care 6-in-1 Miracle (featuring Tracee Ellis Ross as the spokes model) I felt it would be befitting to address my opinion on the new product. I must say first and foremost that I too love Tracee Ellis Ross and will continue to support her in any capacity I can. However, my love for Tracee does not change my opinion of the product. Lately, it appears that the mainstream ethnic hair care companies have finally jumped on the natural hair bandwagon and are now attempting to cater to the niche market (better late than never). Being that I have been natural for over decade at this point and I am a do it yourself kind of girl by nature, I remain hesitant when trying hair care products by mainstream companies. I have to wonder have these brands put the needs of kinky/curly hair to the forefront when developing products or have they just changed the labels on the same crap they been selling us (rolls eyes… sucks teeth)? I may be going too hard but it seems like the mainstream hair care companies cannot market to kinky/curly haired women without using the terms “Miracle”, “Super Grow”, or any other sensationalist terminology that implies that our hair is difficult to maintain and does not grow. I mean damn Dr.Miracles…Supergro…..Dogro… Wild Growth Hair Oil… must I continue?!!?

Anyways, (cause you know I was getting hype) after some research I can honestly say that the 6-in-1 Miracle is no different. For $9 you get 6 drops of natural oil in 1 bottle. Optimum just jumped on the opportunity to exploit Tracee’s cult like following to legitimize their latest product. The end result is just great marketing and inefficient hair care. I ain’t mad tho’ at least they cutting my gurl a check.


My advice to ethnic hair care companies – know your market, you are now dealing with an informed consumer that demands quality. We don’t just look at the front of the bottle we look at the back now too. We now scope out the ingredients demanding quality and efficiency.

My advice to my curlies/relaxed – its better to use one pure oil that works than to use a “6 in 1” that is diluted.

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