“Afro Look” A photo series shot by Jason Eric Hardwick exemplifies the uniqueness of Afro hair textures

Being a woman of color, I have learned to withstand the lack of, or misrepresentation of women like myself in the media. Since I was a little girl, I would constantly search for images to substantiate the idea that black was indeed beautiful. I remember how my heart would race and how proud I would feel when I would come across an editorial featuring Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks. Head held high with a renowned sense of self, I knew that if they were seen as beautiful, than maybe one day I would be too.

Today “Jason Eric Hardwick “ has reignited that feeling.

Afro Look " Jason Eric Hardwick Jason Eric Hardwick

“I wonder why photographic images of Afro’s are yet to be updated? I often think about about why there are limited stereotypical molds when photographing black women? There is either the exotic video vixen, the African soul sistah, a 70′s afro queen or what I have heard people call a white girl dipped in chocolate. Have people stopped to look and consider that things have changed? Hairstyles have changed and identities have evolved.” – Yomi Abiola,  contributing editor for Vogue.it

Photo series

Afro Look

Afro Look
Jason Eric Hardwick

Jason Eric Hardwick

Read more on this photo series, visit vogue.it

Photographer: Jason Eric Hardwick

Stylist: Darlene & Lizzy Okpo

Hair: Taichi Saito

Makeup: Kanako Takase

Manicure: Amber Edwards

Jason Eric Hardwick

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