Beauty On A Budget: Home Made Primer

Ok.  I will give her credit, because I did not realize the importance of using a primer before applying my makeup until Fabby made me aware.  And if you still don’t know, check out this article on

I went into Sephora a while back not knowing a thing about the stuff and ended up leaving with a $30 Make Up Forever Primer (after being persuaded by the ever persistent associates of course).  It was amazing, it made my skin feel smooth and soft and my makeup looked better than ever.

Well, I hadn’t re-upped and once that bottle was done and desperately needed a solution.  I scoured the beauty aisles of my Walgreens looking for something cheap and good.  I didn’t know what to try so I left empty handed not wanting to waste my money.  Still needing a primer I turned to the internet, and thanks to all the lovely ladies out there in cyberspace I found just the product!  Monistat Anti-Chafing Relief Gel, now, I know Monistat is infamous for being what you need when uhm… you know… but this gel is not the medication.  It’s actually a cooling gel for sensitive areas.  It works just as well as any primer you can buy and it will only cost you around 6 bucks!  Definitely the type of relief my pockets needed, cause you guys know how beauty products can add up…

Don’t be embarrassed, try it and let us know what you think!  If you guys have any more cheap beauty tricks please let us in.

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