Haiti Fashion Week 2012

Gaelle Nerette

We in the house house!  Haiti finally hosted their OWN fashion week this month, and I am so excited by the beautiful designs I’ve been seeing.  Almost 3 dozen designers were able to bring their creations to life on the runway at Karibe Convention Center, November 8th- 11th.

Maelle David

Honestly I don’t know much about Haitian designers and have never really been connected to Haitian fashion (coming straight from the Island).  Several Haitian designers do often show in other countries, but these are just a few and most represent the diaspora outside of the country.  There’s not coverage on the fashions coming out of Haiti, because let’s face it most of the population is struggling.  But the culture is rich and has always remained so through the trials.  Creativity and expression can never be stifled.  So I am so happy that these artists were finally given a platform to share their work with the world.

And they didn’t let us down

Vintage Yolande Montas

Maelle David

Michel Chataigne

Michel Chataigne

Michel Chataigne

Michel Chataigne

Michel Chataigne

1 comment
  1. saskia said:

    Hi my name is Saskia, I live in New York but I want to model for you guys when I come to Haiti! How do we get in?

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