Instant Subscription: 4 Beauty Vloggers I Adore


After spending countless hours on YouTube watching beauty tutorials, I had to take the time out to shout out some of my favorite natural hair vloggers . These ladies are truly talented individuals that have the charisma and knowlege that leads to an instant subscriptions.

 MyInvisibleChristals:  Discussing everything from chemical peels to food recipes, this youtube channel completely runs the gamut. I found the channel when while looking for reviews on chemical peels for skin of color and instantly loved her southern charm and wit.

 Whoissugar: One of my first YouTube subscriptions. I came across the channel while scouring the web for  natural hair inspiration  and instantly subbed, great hair and laughter to say the least.

 xoDVF: Describing herself as the “bastard lovechild of Mother Theresa and Machiavelli dressed in Margiela” Desiree fosters a conversation of spiritual enlightenment while advocating for beauty inside and out. I subbed after watching her video on the wonders of onion juice for hair growth.  Coupled with great vibes and an original prospective xoDVF  ‘s channel is a definite go .

Donedo :  One of my latest additions, Donna channel is dedicated to her natural hair journey and she is making it a fabulous one every step of the way. I subbed after watching her “Best Twist Out Ever” video, a definite must see. Her channel features great hairstyles and makeup looks.

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