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During the cold winter season, it is so easy to hit a dry spell and go from Fab to Drab. In New York City, it is so difficult to keep warm and be cute. Incorporating these vintage wardrobe staples will help you maintain a wardrobe that can stand the test of time and trend.

When it comes to winter wear  outerwear is king. No matter how cute your outfit is outerwear completes the look. Nothing sucks more than having a cute outfit on no one can see until you get indoors so my top 2 picks will be outerwear.


When I put fur on I feel expensive chic and unique. Added bonus! It also keeps me warm and it feels great. I am somewhat environmentally conscious so I like the idea that, circulating vintage fur decreases the demand for new fur (so no new animals were harmed in  the completion of this outfit).


2. Hats 

Showcase your personality and adorn your head with a hat. Hats keep your head warm, are great statement pieces and can add to dimension to your style moment. This winter I will definitely be embracing bigger and brighter colored hats.



Make your blouse your statement piece this winter.I love blouses because they can be so demure, but fabrics and print can definitely take it up a notch. unnamed


Sensual and hyper-feminine  or what I affectionately call fourth date attire ( seal the deal ). I love lace simply because of what it implies. You see everything and nothing at all.



Bold and Overstated. The perfect way to stand out and shine bright like a diamond. Also, Sequins are a go for every body type so jazz up your wardrobe and add sequins into the mix.

unnamed-4Do you have any Vintage  Wardrobe Staples? If so comment below.

Photographer.Terria Clay 
Stylist.   Fabby.BBVC-STYLES 
Models. Sarah Sarifina 
Malika Miller 


Capturing the essence of fall with a Garden Editorial.

Capturing the essence of fall with a Garden Editorial.

Curating wardrobes  is one of my favorite creative outlets.This shoot was one of my first in over a year and it just felt so great to get back out there and create style moments.The team was a pleasure to work with and I love the images.

As a stylist I blend contemporary and vintage pieces to create  timeless and dimensional aesthetics. Most of the vintage  pieces are for sale in my eBay store so if you see something you like feel free to check it out!

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