So, I have some big eyes, that I love, I got them from my daddy.  Usually I’ll just do a little black liner on my top lids and mascara, (cannot live without my mascara) but at a recent photo shoot, I was looked at like this, ?????, after saying that I don’t really wear anything else on my eyes during a chat about makeup.  Of course by Fabby, who was pretty oblivious to this even though she sees me all the time.  So I had a ‘hmmm’ moment, it was a pretty quick moment though.  It’s not that I wouldn’t like to play my eyes up more, it’s just that I’m not a huge fan of colorful/dramatic eyes unless they’re done right, and well… I don’t really know how to do them right, but then again I’ve never really tried…

Anyway with all that being said look at what my ShuShu bought me for X-mas!!

I love all the eye makeup looks in this book and I’ll definitely be rocking them for 2012 and beyond.  There are some reallyyy pretty looks that would look amazing with the perfect new years ensemble.


To achieve the Diva look, use rose gold and copper pigment and antique gold shadow, then creamy black liner.  Finish with extra bold false lashes and a well-defined brow.


To go metallic, use metallic silver pigment, diamond dust, eggshell-white pencil and fine falsies.


My fav!  For this look you’ll need eyelash glue and glitter.  Apply the glue using a brush that you’ll be ok throwing out when you’re done.  When the glue is tacky apply the glitter, but you should do one lid at a time.  To clean up the edges or lines use masking tape.

                                                      ELECTRIC BLUE

Careful with your blues, it can look cheap pretty easily.  Rae suggests using a little black or a darker version of the color you want to use, to achieve depth and intensity.  For this version try an iridescent blue and midnight blue shadow and a midnight blue pencil or cream liner.  Mascara to finish of course.


I’ve always loved the smokey eye, can’t wait to experiment with this look.  To get smokey use a smokey chocolate-brown shadow under the eye.  Use heavy kohl pencil to line your eyes and blend.  Use a mix of khaki and black shadow all over the lid and finish with bold lashes.

Always prep your eyelids!  I never knew this first step was so important.  Cleanse the skin and do not apply any moisturizer to your lids.  Use foundation to even your skin tone and then a light brush of translucent powder.  Your eye makeup will last all night!

A couple of weeks ago, the left side of my dresser looked like a veritable salon counter top. And really, even after what always seemed like hours with my huge ceramic curling iron, I never really got the look I wanted. Or even if I got some respectable waves, they fell midway into the day anyway. I would do one perfect side and one lopsided. After being introduced to the soft twist curler by a friend, I’ve been completely converted and hooked! I haven’t even looked at my curling iron since.

no more burnt hair more burnt hair smells.

Soft twist curlers are easy, quick, fun, and easy to sleep in if you do it right. But the shining highlight of using soft flexible curlers to get your bodilicious hair, be it a curly wavy natural afro or big body remy waves, is the fact that you keep your look all day. Period.  Hair goodies: you can alternate the days you use your rollers and still keep your curly look and you really take away a huge damage factor to your hair routine.

                                                          this doesn’t have to be you

Soft Twist Curlers:

–         Getting the right look the first time and every time.

–         They come in all different sizes so you can experiment with body and volume.

–         Can be applied to dry hair effectively.

–         Keep your look all day and beyond.

–         Perfect for natural hair, relaxed hair, weaved hair

–         No more prolonged heat damage to your hair.

–         You don’t have to walk around smelling like a toaster!

–         Find them easily at your local beauty supply.


With winter headed our way ashy skin is not the only thing we have to worry about. Having a skin regime that keeps you looking “fresh “should be a primary concern. Being mindful of this recession, any self maintenance that does not require breaking the bank gets a star on my list and Body Brushing is IT.
Dry Body Brushing is an age old skin care technique that has been around for centuries . Skin brushing opens pores, stimulates sweat glands and increases blood circulation. Also it encourages the body to release waste material, while also getting rid of dead skin cells and dirt. It is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to detox at home. You can do it every day or just a few times a week and reap the benefits! The dead skin comes off revealing newer, younger looking skin. For best results, follow with a hot shower to open the pores allowing the toxins to come out and dead skin to be washed away.
Benefits: I have experienced
• Removes dead skin layer
• Tightens skin
• Helps in digestion
• Stimulates circulation
• Removes cellulite
• Increases cell renewal
• Cleans lymphatic system
• Improves exchange between cells
• Tones muscles

* Tips
1. You must use a natural bristle or natural hair brush when doing body brushing. Synthetic bristles are too abrasive on the skin .
2. Do not brush your nipples, chest, or face.
3. Always brush skin when it is dry
4. Moisturize skin after bathing
5. Start on the right side of your body and brush toward your heart ( preferably 3 strokes at a time) .

*You Will Need

A natural bristle dry skin brush with a long handle

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