Lately, I have been wearing my hair out more often being that I have final learned how to maintain my length without having to do so much protective styling  (which to me has be been a major accomplishment). However, a couple of months ago I began to notice splitting in the middle of my hair shaft.  Mid shaft spits are just like split ends but instead of starting at the ends of your hair they begin in the middle. This can be very problematic for those trying to maintain length and can lead to excessive breakage.

Having been natural long enough I knew my best bet was to braid my hair up until I could figure out what was the problem. Having conquered single strand knots and split ends I was confident I would solve the latest hair issue.  After months of observation and research I was able to confirm that it was the seam of my comb that was causing the splits.


What are the seams of a comb?

Most combs are made is by a mold. The mold has 2 parts, which are clamped together, and then the plastic is poured in to bond them together.  Because the mold has 2 parts a seam is formed from a tiny bit of the plastic making its way into the cracks. This seam can snag your curls when combing and over time can lead to mid shaft splits.

Is your comb seamless ?
To test to see if your comb is seamless, run your nail along the edge you should be able to  feel them.


1. Finger combing your hair. Since the comb is causing the problem the instant solution would be to         stop combing your hair and start using your fingers. Although it is time consuming its better in the       long run (length retention!).

2. DIY Solution Filing Down your comb  (TUTORIAL COMING SOON).It’s the seams on the “teeth”              that cause an issue. You can just take a nail file and file them down.

3. Buy a Seamless comb. I know I’m always hesitant to buy something new if there is a DIY version            but this is an investment that is well worth it. My favorite is the  Hercules Sägemann mini star              5610 .  Since it  seems to be damn near impossible to find a  seamless comb ( even in nyc ) I had to        get mine online at

If you know of any local spots that sell them feel free to comment below.

After being bombarded with countless commercials for the new Optimum Salon Hair Care 6-in-1 Miracle (featuring Tracee Ellis Ross as the spokes model) I felt it would be befitting to address my opinion on the new product. I must say first and foremost that I too love Tracee Ellis Ross and will continue to support her in any capacity I can. However, my love for Tracee does not change my opinion of the product. Lately, it appears that the mainstream ethnic hair care companies have finally jumped on the natural hair bandwagon and are now attempting to cater to the niche market (better late than never). Being that I have been natural for over decade at this point and I am a do it yourself kind of girl by nature, I remain hesitant when trying hair care products by mainstream companies. I have to wonder have these brands put the needs of kinky/curly hair to the forefront when developing products or have they just changed the labels on the same crap they been selling us (rolls eyes… sucks teeth)? I may be going too hard but it seems like the mainstream hair care companies cannot market to kinky/curly haired women without using the terms “Miracle”, “Super Grow”, or any other sensationalist terminology that implies that our hair is difficult to maintain and does not grow. I mean damn Dr.Miracles…Supergro…..Dogro… Wild Growth Hair Oil… must I continue?!!?

Anyways, (cause you know I was getting hype) after some research I can honestly say that the 6-in-1 Miracle is no different. For $9 you get 6 drops of natural oil in 1 bottle. Optimum just jumped on the opportunity to exploit Tracee’s cult like following to legitimize their latest product. The end result is just great marketing and inefficient hair care. I ain’t mad tho’ at least they cutting my gurl a check.


My advice to ethnic hair care companies – know your market, you are now dealing with an informed consumer that demands quality. We don’t just look at the front of the bottle we look at the back now too. We now scope out the ingredients demanding quality and efficiency.

My advice to my curlies/relaxed – its better to use one pure oil that works than to use a “6 in 1” that is diluted.

Click to watch the video below

Although I’ve been natural for over 5 years, I still had not found a shampoo that did not completely strip my hair (yes this includes sulfate free ones ).  After much trial and error I finally found a simple concoction that leaves my hair completely clean without that dry stripped feeing 🙂

*Neem – Is an antibacterial herb, that corrects scalp issues, as well as promotes healthy hair growth.

What You will Need

1 Cup instant Conditioner ( I use Hello Hydration by Herbal Essence )

2 Tablespoons of Neem Powder (Found at your local Indian Grocer

2 Tablespoons of Sulfate Free Shampoo ( I use Kinky Curly )


Although I am rarely on twitter (trying to change that) I do have an account.  I recently logged in to see a tweet from my model Fav Jourdan Dunn expressing her distain for the level of expertise, regarding black skin and hair during Paris fashion week.  I could not have said it better myself, however  my  distain remains  directed at every salon in Brooklyn and hair braider in Harlem, who I has left me shaking, steaming or patching up my head!  What do you think is the current state of Black Hair Care ?

A couple of weeks ago, the left side of my dresser looked like a veritable salon counter top. And really, even after what always seemed like hours with my huge ceramic curling iron, I never really got the look I wanted. Or even if I got some respectable waves, they fell midway into the day anyway. I would do one perfect side and one lopsided. After being introduced to the soft twist curler by a friend, I’ve been completely converted and hooked! I haven’t even looked at my curling iron since.

no more burnt hair more burnt hair smells.

Soft twist curlers are easy, quick, fun, and easy to sleep in if you do it right. But the shining highlight of using soft flexible curlers to get your bodilicious hair, be it a curly wavy natural afro or big body remy waves, is the fact that you keep your look all day. Period.  Hair goodies: you can alternate the days you use your rollers and still keep your curly look and you really take away a huge damage factor to your hair routine.

                                                          this doesn’t have to be you

Soft Twist Curlers:

–         Getting the right look the first time and every time.

–         They come in all different sizes so you can experiment with body and volume.

–         Can be applied to dry hair effectively.

–         Keep your look all day and beyond.

–         Perfect for natural hair, relaxed hair, weaved hair

–         No more prolonged heat damage to your hair.

–         You don’t have to walk around smelling like a toaster!

–         Find them easily at your local beauty supply.

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