Photographer: Monika Fidler 


Bold and edgy would be the best way to describe my choice of attire last Sunday. Since my day was  jammed  packed with errands and would end with drinks with a friend at Harlem’s  Orange 67. I chose to wear something that would transition seamlessly throughout the day.  I love looks that transition well because I am constantly on the go and don’t always have time to go home and change. Since this marks my very first outfit of the day post (ofotd), I thought I would take the personal approach and shoot it in my apartment (conveniently enough it was freezing outside). All in all, I love the way the look turned out and  sequins remain a staple in my closet.


Vintage Sequin Blouse – BBVC (BlackBoxVintageCollective)

Leather Pants – Ali Express (Haoduoyi)

Vintage Leather Lace Up Boots

In life you are often times given an opportunity at a moments notice and it is up to you to make the most of it. On the eve of  Thanksgiving  I was contacted to collaborate with  photographer  Chidi Amadiume and I accepted the offer. Lately I have felt a strong sense of resilience in accepting my destiny and achieving my dreams. I believe the Model (Dieynaba) exudes that resilience and Chidi’s talent was able to capture it.

Photographer. Chidi Amadiume
Stylist. Fabby.BBVC-STYLES
Model. Dieynaba Diop 

Resliance is Key

Resliance is Key

During the cold winter season, it is so easy to hit a dry spell and go from Fab to Drab. In New York City, it is so difficult to keep warm and be cute. Incorporating these vintage wardrobe staples will help you maintain a wardrobe that can stand the test of time and trend.

When it comes to winter wear  outerwear is king. No matter how cute your outfit is outerwear completes the look. Nothing sucks more than having a cute outfit on no one can see until you get indoors so my top 2 picks will be outerwear.


When I put fur on I feel expensive chic and unique. Added bonus! It also keeps me warm and it feels great. I am somewhat environmentally conscious so I like the idea that, circulating vintage fur decreases the demand for new fur (so no new animals were harmed in  the completion of this outfit).


2. Hats 

Showcase your personality and adorn your head with a hat. Hats keep your head warm, are great statement pieces and can add to dimension to your style moment. This winter I will definitely be embracing bigger and brighter colored hats.



Make your blouse your statement piece this winter.I love blouses because they can be so demure, but fabrics and print can definitely take it up a notch. unnamed


Sensual and hyper-feminine  or what I affectionately call fourth date attire ( seal the deal ). I love lace simply because of what it implies. You see everything and nothing at all.



Bold and Overstated. The perfect way to stand out and shine bright like a diamond. Also, Sequins are a go for every body type so jazz up your wardrobe and add sequins into the mix.

unnamed-4Do you have any Vintage  Wardrobe Staples? If so comment below.

Photographer.Terria Clay 
Stylist.   Fabby.BBVC-STYLES 
Models. Sarah Sarifina 
Malika Miller 


Capturing the essence of fall with a Garden Editorial.

Capturing the essence of fall with a Garden Editorial.

Curating wardrobes  is one of my favorite creative outlets.This shoot was one of my first in over a year and it just felt so great to get back out there and create style moments.The team was a pleasure to work with and I love the images.

As a stylist I blend contemporary and vintage pieces to create  timeless and dimensional aesthetics. Most of the vintage  pieces are for sale in my eBay store so if you see something you like feel free to check it out!


After spending countless hours on YouTube watching beauty tutorials, I had to take the time out to shout out some of my favorite natural hair vloggers . These ladies are truly talented individuals that have the charisma and knowlege that leads to an instant subscriptions.

 MyInvisibleChristals:  Discussing everything from chemical peels to food recipes, this youtube channel completely runs the gamut. I found the channel when while looking for reviews on chemical peels for skin of color and instantly loved her southern charm and wit.

 Whoissugar: One of my first YouTube subscriptions. I came across the channel while scouring the web for  natural hair inspiration  and instantly subbed, great hair and laughter to say the least.

 xoDVF: Describing herself as the “bastard lovechild of Mother Theresa and Machiavelli dressed in Margiela” Desiree fosters a conversation of spiritual enlightenment while advocating for beauty inside and out. I subbed after watching her video on the wonders of onion juice for hair growth.  Coupled with great vibes and an original prospective xoDVF  ‘s channel is a definite go .

Donedo :  One of my latest additions, Donna channel is dedicated to her natural hair journey and she is making it a fabulous one every step of the way. I subbed after watching her “Best Twist Out Ever” video, a definite must see. Her channel features great hairstyles and makeup looks.


Lately, I have been wearing my hair out more often being that I have final learned how to maintain my length without having to do so much protective styling  (which to me has be been a major accomplishment). However, a couple of months ago I began to notice splitting in the middle of my hair shaft.  Mid shaft spits are just like split ends but instead of starting at the ends of your hair they begin in the middle. This can be very problematic for those trying to maintain length and can lead to excessive breakage.

Having been natural long enough I knew my best bet was to braid my hair up until I could figure out what was the problem. Having conquered single strand knots and split ends I was confident I would solve the latest hair issue.  After months of observation and research I was able to confirm that it was the seam of my comb that was causing the splits.


What are the seams of a comb?

Most combs are made is by a mold. The mold has 2 parts, which are clamped together, and then the plastic is poured in to bond them together.  Because the mold has 2 parts a seam is formed from a tiny bit of the plastic making its way into the cracks. This seam can snag your curls when combing and over time can lead to mid shaft splits.

Is your comb seamless ?
To test to see if your comb is seamless, run your nail along the edge you should be able to  feel them.


1. Finger combing your hair. Since the comb is causing the problem the instant solution would be to         stop combing your hair and start using your fingers. Although it is time consuming its better in the       long run (length retention!).

2. DIY Solution Filing Down your comb  (TUTORIAL COMING SOON).It’s the seams on the “teeth”              that cause an issue. You can just take a nail file and file them down.

3. Buy a Seamless comb. I know I’m always hesitant to buy something new if there is a DIY version            but this is an investment that is well worth it. My favorite is the  Hercules Sägemann mini star              5610 .  Since it  seems to be damn near impossible to find a  seamless comb ( even in nyc ) I had to        get mine online at

If you know of any local spots that sell them feel free to comment below.



They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, well I think I’m stubborn enough to need 31. If you skim through this blog you can clearly see that consistency is a weakness of ours.  Although we have great ideas and a lot of information to share sometimes life just gets in the way.

 With that said in honor of my birthday month  (Leos stand up), I have decided to join Awesomely Luvvie’s August Blog challenge and challenge myself to blog everyday for a month. So bookmark and follow me on this journey of perseverance and self-discovery as I muse about all things Fabbylous.




I actually really enjoy a good fashion sketch, but when it’s taken to the next level it can be so very satisfying to the eye.  Browsing some of my fav art and fashion outlets, I recently found a few illustrators who’s work I instantly fell in love with.  So fun and creative…  Makes me want to break out my watercolors and markers.

Kevin Wadaa


kevin-wadaa-fashion-illustration-1-600x400Sophie Griotto



sophie-griotto-fashion-illustrations-5 Amy Martino

yellow-bird-machine-600x574Nicolas Tavitian





These gorgeous images, taken by fashion photographer Jim Naughten, left me in awe at the beauty of this tribe and their countryside.  The portraits exude strength and regality which is only intensified by their unique costume and stark background.  They look surreal, almost like paintings instead of photographs.  These marvelous characters can be found in the book entitled Conflict and Costume: The Herero Tribe of Namibia.



Here is the description:

“The magnificent traditional costume of the Herero of Namibia, southern Africa, is a stark reminder of the country’s tumultuous past. In the late 19th century, the influence of missionaries and traders in German Southwest Africa led to the adoption by the Herero of the European dress of the day. Over time, the voluminous gowns, completed by a cattle-horn-shaped headdress, came to represent the cultural identity of the Herero women. The men’s ceremonial dress also harks back to colonial times: following the brutal war of 1904, the Herero adapted the uniforms of German soldiers for their own Otruppe (‘troops’) movement. In Conflict and Costume, acclaimed photographer Jim Naughten captures the colorful Herero attire in a series of spectacular portraits. Set against the Namibian landscape, these dramatic images show the striking costumes and their proud owners to full effect: men in elaborate, home-made paramilitary uniforms, and women in spectacular floor-length frocks with matching horns. Dr Lutz Marten contributes an insightful text that places the dress in its historical context.”







Takes me back to my undergrad Art in Africa course.  I especially love the womens’ costumes.  The colonial influence is clear, but the use of African textiles and headdress makes the style their own.

More info here

Gaelle Nerette

We in the house house!  Haiti finally hosted their OWN fashion week this month, and I am so excited by the beautiful designs I’ve been seeing.  Almost 3 dozen designers were able to bring their creations to life on the runway at Karibe Convention Center, November 8th- 11th.

Maelle David

Honestly I don’t know much about Haitian designers and have never really been connected to Haitian fashion (coming straight from the Island).  Several Haitian designers do often show in other countries, but these are just a few and most represent the diaspora outside of the country.  There’s not coverage on the fashions coming out of Haiti, because let’s face it most of the population is struggling.  But the culture is rich and has always remained so through the trials.  Creativity and expression can never be stifled.  So I am so happy that these artists were finally given a platform to share their work with the world.

And they didn’t let us down

Vintage Yolande Montas

Maelle David

Michel Chataigne

Michel Chataigne

Michel Chataigne

Michel Chataigne

Michel Chataigne

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